Monday, December 24, 2018

Best in Show: Snowflake 100 - Jackson Boone

Jackson Boone - 2018 PixelatedSPEED Best in Show: Snowflake 100 (PixelatedSPEED Photo)

Nashville racer Jackson Boone traded is normal black and blue paint scheme for something a little more festive at this year’s Snowball Derby. Entering his number 7 Boone Racing Pro Late Model into the 20th Annual Snowflake 100, Boone’s car was wearing the popular “ugly sweater” motif. The car had a base of black and was covered with “stitched” snowflakes in red along the bottom third of the car, and snowmen, Santa, and gingerbread men adorning the second third.

This, of course isn’t the first time an ugly sweater themed car has been to Pensacola. Back in 2014, Tim Horvath of Horvath Designs wrapped the car driven by Ross Kenseth in a heavily themed ugly sweater machine. That car won the Best Appearing Car Award for 2014.

This year, Boone’s car looked the part all week long, but unfortunately didn’t last the entire 100 laps of the Snowflake 100. In a race covered with cautions, Boone found himself among the chaos, losing the nose of his machine, ultimately finishing the race in 24th.

Still, Boone’s car was one of the best looking of all the late models this year, and definitely deserving of the PixelatedSPEED Best in Show: Snowflake 100 Award.

Jackson Boone's car was less than pristine by the end of the Snowflake 100 (PixelatedSPEED Photo)

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