Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Jim Noble Leaves Tradin' Paint

Jim Noble interviews Darrell Waltrip for PRN.
Listeners of the mid-day SiriusXM show, Tradin’ Paint may have noticed the recent absence of host Jim Noble. Noble had hosted the popular NASCAR talk show for over seven years alongside co-hosts Buddy Baker and Chocolate Myers.

On August 10th, 2018, Noble issued a statement via his Twitter account explaining his departure.

“It is with many mixed emotions that I write this note - after more than seven years hosting a regular show on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, it is time to step aside…
I will be embarking on a new challenge and opportunity that will be announced shortly, but in the meantime, I just want to say thanks. Thanks to the many, many listeners who welcomed me into your homes, cars, offices, and other assorted places - meeting some of you in person, hearing from our regulars on the show, and interacting with you on social media - I cherish the fact that you have allowed me to be a small part of your lives.
Thanks also to the drivers, crew members and team officials who almost unfailingly gave their time and expertise towards making the show more interesting with their presence. I learned a lot from you - we didn’t always agree, buy your passion for your sport is unmatched!
Thanks to my colleagues at SiriusXM. I don’t think most of you realize what a balancing act it is to report on the sport fairly, give your opinion when necessary, and have to deal with the fallout no matter which way you come down on a particular issue. Pete Pistone, Mike Bagley, Dave Moody, Brad Gille, Claire B, Pat Patterson...yes, even you Mojo! - you all have my permanent respect for the job you do and the waters you have to navigate. Also, Daniel Norwood, Mike Mazvinsky and Steve Cohen have not only been bosses, but friends at the same time. That is a very rare situation in today’s media landscape, and I owe a lot them as well.
Finally, my co-hosts. I have been blessed to serve with two icons of the sport - the late, great Buddy Baker, and my brother, Chocolate Myers. These two have done so much more for me than I can possibly recount here - opened doors, told me stories, advised, counseled, entertained… it has truly been an honor to work side by side with these great me. Choc, your donuts are on the way!
I hope to around the sport from time to time down the road - still plan to be at the track for many PRN broadcasts, and will be filling in once and a while on various SiriusXM channels. So in closing… I’ll see you down the road… and thank you all - for everything!”

The same day, Noble announced that he would assume the role of play-by-play voice for the Wofford College Terriers.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the Wofford family - have admired from afar for many years, and to be a part of the team now is an absolute honor and privilege!”

No official announcement from SiriusXM NASCAR has been made to address who will assume the hosting role on Tradin’ Paint full time. Instead, the show description on the SiriusXM NASCAR webpage mentions a “rotating cast of NASCAR insiders” alongside host Myers.

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