Saturday, February 16, 2019

SAD NEWS: NASCAR Artist Sam Bass Dies at Age 57; PixelatedSPEED to Pay Tribute

One of the many well known creations from Sam Bass were his hand painted Gibson guitars, awarded as trophies as Nashville Super Speedway. Bass holds a guitar for the winner of the Pepsi 300 in April 2006. (Padraic Major/NASCAR)

By: Daniel Vining, Twitter: @danielvining

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (February 16, 2019) -- The NASCAR community has lost its first Officially Licensed Artist of NASCAR, Sam Bass, after a long battle with Type 1 Diabetes and associated kidney complications.

Sam Bass burst onto the NASCAR scene in 1988 with one of the most iconic paint schemes of the era, the number 12 Miller High Life Buick for 1988 Daytona 500 winner Bobby Allison. That set the stage for a career that spanned over 30 years.

Among his countless creations, Bass created the schemes for Jeff Gordon, including the “Rainbow Warrior” and “Dupont Flames” schemes, and was well known for stunning posters, program covers and paintings featuring the legends of the sport throughout the decades.

Bass’ wife, Denise, made the announcement on social media this morning.

“It is with a sad heart that our family shares the news of our loss with the NASCAR community. Sam Bass, a loving husband, father, and inspiration to us all, passed away earlier today. Thank you for your prayers during this very difficult time. God Bless.” - Denise Bass

EDITOR’s NOTE: As a graphic designer, and someone that has dabbled in racecar paint scheme creation, I have tremendous amount of respect for what Sam Bass accomplished during his legendary career. Sam created some of the sport’s more striking imagery, and blazed the trail for others with his promotional prowess, creating an entire industry within in the sport.

As a tribute to Sam, and his accomplishments, I am announcing the creation of a Sam Bass Tribute Area to the PixelatedSPEED website. I plan on gathering as much as I can in an effort to share and continue the legacy of this talented artist.

Thank you Sam, GoodSpeed.

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